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Farmers, The Breeders’ Associations and Agricultural Business Managers
Veterinary Surgeons, Agriculture Engineers and Zootechnicians
Quality Control and Laboratory Workers
Educational Institutions and Members
Livestock Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
Food Processing and Product Industry Managers
Dairy and Livestock Business Managers
Food Engineers and Research Assistants
Broiler Production Workers
Project and Construction Consultants
Administrators of Supermarket, Restaurant, Hotel and Catering Companies
Food Wholesalers-Distributors and Marketing Experts
* Academic Members and Students
R & D Department of the Companies, Sales and Marketing Managers
Economic and Commercial Attaché of the Consulates
Official Institutions and Public Officers
Administrators of Banks and Insurance Companies
Livestock Sector Entrepreneurs
Presidents of Institutions, Associations, Cooperatives and Chambers
Press and Media Members
Patent, Trademark, Management, Audit and Certification Experts