Mission and Vision


  • On a global scale, we live in a century in which agriculture, livestock and food sector have an increasing importance. Depending on this strategical fact, we, as Orion Fair, considered and predicted the developments in Turkey many years ago.
  • In our country, trade exhibitions are undoubtedly the best way to transfer the great potential of the agriculture and livestock sector to the public. In this context, Orion Fair has started its journey in 1986 in order to realize the best agriculture and livestock exhibition in Turkey.
  • In the past 32 years, our company has always worked continuously in an innovative and dynamic way within the framework of the sectoral awareness.
  • Coming back to the present time, Orion Fair is a commercial organization which has proved itself all over the country beyond realizing the sectoral fair organizations successfully in İzmir and in Denizli, as well as doing business mostly in Aegean Region.
  • The new and integral component of our mission is the pleasure of organizing international agriculture and livestock fairs.



  •  To maintain our position of being Turkey’s largest Agriculture Fair and the success of our fairs organizations.
  •  To be among the first two Agriculture Fairs in Europe, by carrying our succes of being one of Europe’s four largest Agriculture Fair a step further.
  • To maintain our corporate prestige and quality that we have shown up to now both in national and international areas. To bring attention to our international character in the next years by internalizing global developments in agriculture and animal husbandry
  •  To continue our “to be a sectoral solution partner” featured mission diligently both in the national and in international framework.