International Agriculture Ministers Summit in Agroexpo

As an Orion Fair Inc. Co., with our 33 years of experience, we live the excitement of reuniting you for 14th time with our Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Fair which is Turkey’s largest and Europe’s 4th largest Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition.

Due to the availability of climate, soil conditions and transportation easiness, high portion of population in Aegean Region make their living by cereal plantation, vegetable cultivation, and industrial crop farming. These features of Aegean Region clearly demonstrated to us that greatest fair of Turkey must be organized in İzmir.

İzmir which has considerable potential in technologies of Agriculture and livestock has a voice in field through encouragements in vegetable, livestock and Agriculture assurances. Also the rural development supports help Agriculture based industries to increase in our city. One of the advantages of Izmir being 3rd biggest city of Turkey is having an international airport which creates great opportunity for our foreign exhibitors and visitors who want to take a part in Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Fair.

13th Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Fair had been organized by Orion Fair on February 2018 at Fuar İzmir, Gaziemir which has 110.000 sqm closed exhibition area, witnessed unprecedented opening ceremony with the participation of 11 countries’ Agriculture Ministers, and hosted more than 875 national and foreign exhibitors and 332.000 visitors from 60 countries. Highly rated by both visitors and exhibitors, Agroexpo set its goals even higher for 2019.

14. International Agriculture and Livestock Fair will be held in Turkey’s most modern and largest fairground also be hosted by Orion Fair, aiming to multiply the numbers of last year.

In 2019, Agroexpo set to have 950 exhibitors 2500 brands and 350.000 visitors from 70 countries in 110.000 sqm closed exhibition area, will maintain its attribution of being one of the four largest international Agriculture fair of Europe.

Opening Ceremony will be on Thursday the 7 February 2019 at Hall C, with the honoring of 20 countries’ Agriculture Ministers. Also “The Future of Agriculture in the world” themed Agriculture Ministers Summit will be held after the ceremony.

Coordinated by Republic of Turkey Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, this organization will be remain as Orion’s pride. Also Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade supports limited number of fairs and 14thAgroexpo being one of them is another source of pride for Orion Fair.

Domestic exhibitors can have a government support to participate in Agroexpo. Also B2B meetings will be organized by Aegean Exporters Association with Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade’s coordination within the Hosted Buyer Program. We, as Orion Fair, have endeavored to present brand new development to sector professionals with awareness of 30 years long Agriculture Fair by moving with vision of “More Than a Fair” until today.

As we have always said, it is important to choose the right fairs to attend on the right time for expanding production promotion to wider areas, establishing brand new sale connections, adding prestige to company’s prestige which are our exhibitors’ reason for participation. These goals are not easy to achieve if you are not attending the right fair for your business. As a result Agroexpo is the right fair for you to attend.

As famous Carthage Hero Hannibal said; “WE WILL EITHER FIND A NEW WAY, OR WE WILL MAKE ONE.”

To impress your target customers you can transform their knowledge about your company to an interest by using the power of Agroexpo. You also strengthen your relationship with existing customers as well as finding the new ones through Agroexpo.

After your participation you should definitely evaluate the results; your time, money and effort versus number of visitors stopping by at your stand, effect of the meetings had been held with International hosted buyers, also the suitability of your products to attending visitors. You should also consider the amount of money you would have spent to meet all these people if you hadn’t attend the fair.

After careful assessments you will be attending Agroexpo again next year. Orion Fair can assure you on that as a company which has proven itself internationally by organizing Agriculture Fairs nearly 30 years.

I particularly would like to express my gratitude towards, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Trade, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and also to all institutions and foundations that support our fair, Agroexpo and wish to have fruitful fair.