Beauty Contest Winner is Sultan

The exhibition lasting for 4 days was open between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00 on 12-14 February and 10:00 and 17:00 on 15th February.

Beautiful Cow the owner of Golden Bell: ‘SULTAN ’
In the competition held among pure and certified bovine animals elected from the most distinguished animal farms of Turkey, the cow called “Sultan” became the winner of 2015 Golden Bell cow beauty contest as a result of voting of council comprising of veterinary surgeons and received the prize of 11.000 TL and Golden Bell designed specially in Switzerland.

The first livestock auction of Turkey
Pure and certified bovine animals participating in Golden Bell competition were offered for sale via auction after the competition. Sultan, the champion, was sold for 12.000 TL.

Big Shot came to the exhibition
Animals about 1,5 tons used their influence on the exhibition in the bull show held with the support of Izmir red meat raiser association.
The exhibition being the focus of interest with the events held on 13rd February Friday was the center of attention of visitors by means of trainings of milking the cow yielding 60 liters of milk a day. Moreover, Gaspardo Maschio, Fimaks and Adrimak Agricultural machines presented the new inventions to the audience at Agricultural machines innovative live presentations held jointly with Ege University.








There were panels at the exhibition as well as shows. Panels with the theme of “Profitability in cattle breeding”, “The latest developments in agricultural machines”, “The latest developments in fresh vegetable fruit trade and export”, “The latest developments in red meat sector” and “Apiculture sector is speaking”, “The latest developments in dairy sector” “Small family farming and cooperative system” were presented by Mr. Ismail Ugural head of TAGYAD Association.
Sheep and goat left the mark on day 3 of the exhibition. Beauty contest comprising of more than 100 sheep and goats was held with the support of Izmir breeding sheep goat raisers’ association and was awarded with “Golden Bell”. Moreover, the competition of eating Capricorn stuffing held by the association made the visitors have pleasing time.