Message of Our Ceo

Fatih TAN resim 2" OR A NEW WAY…  AGROEXPO! "

With 31 years of experience, Orion Fair organizes Agricultural Fairs in various regions of our country. Based on these experiences, we are very excited to host Agroexpo for the 13th time, a world-wide fair held since 2005, in the pearl of the Aegean Region Izmir.

İzmir, which has a considerable potential in agriculture and animal husbandry technologies, has grabbed an opportunity to have more influence in crop production, animal husbandry and agriculture with the incentives granted by the state. Thus, the number of agro-based industrial facilities initiated with the rural development supports have increased. Ranking on the first place in Good Agricultural Practices throughout the country, İzmir will strengthen its position in the agriculture sector by the geothermal greenhouse projects to be held in the following years. One of the advantages of Izmir on account of being the 3rd biggest city in Turkey, is to have an international airport. This fact provides a great opportunity for our foreign exhibitors and visitors who would like to participate in Agroexpo International Agriculture, Greenhouse and Livestock Exhibition.

Since 2016, we have been hosting Agroexpo International Agriculture, Greenhouse and Livestock Exhibition in Fair İzmir, which is considered as one of the top 5 fairs all over Europe. Before Fair Izmir,  we had been organizing our fairs in Kültürpark Exhibition Area and in our last February 2015 fair we hosted 198 thousand sector employees and 708 brands.

12 th Agroexpo brought 729 exhibitors together with more than 248 thousand visitors in 12 halls in Fair İzmir, built with an investment of 550 million TL by the Municipality of İzmir, located on the land of 337 thousand sqm and having 110 thousand sqm closed area.

Our goal for the organization on 1 - 4 February 2018 is to bring 850 exhibitors from 60 countries to the 285 thousand visitors.

In order to distribute the product representation in more extensive areas, to establish newer sales connections and to contribute the prestige of the firms, which are all among the participation objectives of our participants in the fair, it is necessary to choose the right fair in the right time. If these three objectives are not fulfilled in an agriculture fair that you attend, undoubtedly it is not possible to achieve these goals fully.

For this reason, if you consider that you are unable to yield sufficient benefit from the other fairs, your path will definitely cross with AGROEXPO.

As the famous Carthaginian Hero Hannibal said: “EITHER WE FIND A NEW WAY OR BUILD A NEW ROAD…”

In order to influence our target customers by using the power of Eurasia, you can draw the attention of the visitors. Agroexpo will provide you new opportunities, promote relations with existing customers and enable you to acquire new customers.

When you attend in Agroexpo, the results must be certainly considered. After spending efforts, time and money for the aims that we mentioned above, the classification should be necessarily done for considering the suitability of the visitors for your products, the  number of visitors who stopped by your stand and the impact of the meetings with the purchasing committees from abroad. If you would’t have attended in this fair, consider the time and the cost which you would had to spent to meet the firms who visited your stand one by one.
As a result of your evaluations, you will certainly intend to re-participate in Agroexpo next year which was offered you by the experiences of Orion Fair gained only by organising Agriculture Fairs and which has been internationally proven.


Fatih TAN

Chairman Of The Board