2018 Report


1 – 4 February  2018
Fuar İzmir – Gaziemir

This final report was prepared for Agroexpo Agriculture and Livestock Fair between the dates  1-4 February  2018 which was organized under the sponsorship of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Republic of Turkey Ministry  of Economics, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Ege University Faculty ofAgriculture, Izmir Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Meat and Milk Board, Union Of Turkish Chambers Of Agriculture, General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises, Izmir Chamber of Commerce,

İzmir Commodity Exchange,  Aegean Region Chamber of Industry,Cattle Breeders Association of Turkey, Sheep and Goat Breeders' Association of Turkey, Turkish National Red Meat Association, Agriculture Engineers Chamber of Turkey,Turkey Veterinary Surgeons Association, Turkey Central Union of Livestock Cooperatives, The Association of Turkish Milk, Meat, Food Industrialists and Manufacturers Association (SETBIR), Turkish Seed Industry Association (TURKTED),Turkey Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB),Plant Breeders Sub-Union of Turkey (BISAB),Seed Producers Sub-Union of Turkey, Sub-Union of Sapling Manufacturers (FÜAB),TÜRKTOB includes Sub-Union of Plant Breeders (BİSAB), Sub-Union of Seedling Growing (FİDEBİRLİK), Sub-Union of Ornamental Plants Producers (SÜSBİR),

Sub-Union of Seed Distributors (TODAB), Sub-Union of Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSÜAB), Sub-Union of Seed Growers (TYAB),Red Meat Industrialists  and Producers Union Associations ,Central Union of Turkish Beekeepers ( TAB),National Red Meat Council, Butchers, Livestock Fattening, Meat and Meat Products Tradesmen and Craftsmen Federation

Regional Union Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Izmir, Seedling Producers Association,

Association for Fertilizer Producers and Importers, the Packaged Milk and Milk Products Industrialists Association (ASÜD),The Turkish Feed Manufacturers' Association,

ARİSÜD, Turkey Milk Producers Central Union, Beekeeping Materials and Bee Products Industrialists Association, Izmir Chambers of Agriculture,Manisa Chambers of Agriculture, Aydın Chambers of Agriculture, Izmir Cattle Breeders Association,Izmir Region Beef and Lamb Producers Association, Izmir's Association of Red Meat Producers,Sheep and Goat Breeders Union of Izmir, Izmir Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, Aegean Exporters' Associations, Agricultural Credit Cooperative, Cattle Breeders’ Association of Izmir Province, Beekeepers Association of Izmir, Beekeepers Association of Muğla, KOSGEB, Indo-Turkish Trade & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Yeoungju Trade, Armada International Limited, Iranaghast, ICY International, Shams Media, EU Halal, Agromavens Ltd, Baidana LLC, Pm-Expo Sp Zo.O,AgriTech India, Al-Baouraq International Trading Company,Mustafa Hikmet Boyacıoğlu,

Bereket TV, Turkish Journal of Agriculture .It is prepared  related with AGOREXPO  Agriculture and Livestock Fair under these companies sponsorship.

This report has the aim of benefiting from the results and points of view for the following fairs by containing evaluation results of the news of the fair in the press, visitor profile, questionnaire forms made one-to-one by visitors and information form filled out by visitors in the fair entrance, surveys made by exhibitors.

The report was realized by filling out face-to-face surveys with 10.000 fair visitors who were randomly selected and randomly distributed between days and hours in the fair process, and assessing the information forms filled out by visitors during their visit to the fair.



13th Izmir Agriculture Fair’s official opening ceremony was realized in Fair-Izmir Gaziemir Fair Area on with the participation of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Honorable Minister Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba, M.D., Ireland, Kosova,Romania, Serbia, Sudan, Qatar, Jordan, Russia, Nigeria, Bulgaria and  Azerbaijan’s  Agriculture Ministers and Ministries’ senior executives, İzmir Governor Erol Ayyıldız, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Major  Mr.Aziz Kocaoglu, Chairman of the Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB) Şemsi Bayraktar and sector representatives attended at dated  on 01.02.2018  Thursday at 11.00 a.m.

Continoulsy growing Fair hosted 875 exhibitors from 37 countries  and was visited by 332 thousand 714 visitors from 68 countries, 58 provinces from Turkey. Thus Agroexpo continued to be the largest of Turkey and fourth largest international agricultural fair in Europe.

In Agricultural and Livestock Sector’s newest technologies and developments being presented also  Agricultural Mechanization and Technologies, Tractors and Equipments, Animal Husbandry, Animal Production Technologies and Equipments, Greenhouse, Seed, Seedling, Sapling, Fertilizer Manufacturers and Irrigation Systems and Technologies took part in the fair that presented the latest



A total of 875 companies from 37 countries, mainly from our country, participated in the İzmir Agricultural Fair. These countries are;

The Participants Number Distribution Table of IZMIR AGRICULTURE FAIR between 2010 - 2017 is given below

38.93 % of our exhibitors are from Izmir, 54.96 % are from other provinces and 6.11% are from abroad.



Agroexpo 98.62 % of Agroexpo exhibitors evaluated fair positively and stated that they will re-exhibit in Izmir Agriculture Fair which will be organized in 2019, 1.38 % considered the fair negative.



Agroexpo 2018 Fair in İzmir - Gaziemir Fair Area was visited by 332.714 visitors. The Visitor Number Distribution Table of IZMIR AGRICULTURE FAIR between 2010 - 2018 is given below.


34,43 %  of İzmir Agricultural Fair’s visitors came from Izmir and 65,57 % came from 58 other provinces of Turkey and 68 Countries.




Fair hosted farmers and professionals on agricultre and livestock from 30 provinces from Aegean, Marmara ,Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Black Sea Regions with more than 2500 bus organizations done by Orion Fair.

** Other includes; Isparta, Kırklareli, Antalya,  Edirne, Kastamonu, Ankara, Sakarya, Afyon, Bolu     Çorum, Nevşehir, Samsun, Bilecik, Şanlıurfa, Konya and Bartın Provinces.


Orion Fair organization of fair visitors consists of:

32,7 % is in charge of companies general management.
21,6 % has sole or part authority of decisions in their company.
15,8 % is president or member of a Chamber/Union related to the sector
20,3 % is agriculture engineer – veterinary surgeon
25,02 % is farmer – farm owner


98,9 % of the fair visitors evaluated the fair positively. They have indicayed that they will re-visit Agroexpo that will be held on 2019 in Fair-Izmir Gaziemir. 1,1 % of the fair visitors evaluated the fair negatively. The most important positive and negative feedbacks are as follows;

The activities of the visitors are as follows ;

Other activity areas ; contraction , doctor ,electric, media, furniture, butcher, tourism, real estate ,Consultant, advertising, carpenter, pharmacist,banker,fishermen,chemist.